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Climate Smart

Wood is a fantastic material to work with. With the right choice of material and technique, your crafted objects will keep for many, many years. And, best of all - with long-term planning, the supply of wood is infinite... You can always grow new trees.
During their growth, trees pick up harmful carbon dioxide from the air and use it in the photosynthesis. When wood is used for, say, a crafted object, the carbon dioxide within is preserved there. If, on the other hand, the wood is burnt or used for paper mass, the carbon dioxide is, once again, released.
So, when you (with permission from the land owner, of course) have sawed down a tree in order to craft something nice – try to use as much of the tree as possible. Make durable things which you will be able to fix in case they're broken!
If you would like to read more about crafts and sustainable development, go to www.slojdhaller.se.


Barrskog / Coniferous Forest