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Wood Craft
» Brich bark weaving
» Whole-bark box or hasty box
» Chip carving
» Boxes from mountain ash bark
» Textile equipment
» Flower sticks
» Ale hens
» Hangers
» Pegboards
» Shrink boxes
» Besoms and whisks
» Candlesticks and lanterns
» Sewn root baskets
» Spoons and ladles
» Butter paddles
» Birch bark boxes
» Troughs
» Carved figures
» Extras: sources and deepening

» Sätergläntan - hemslöjdens kursgård
» Kravallslöjd
» Slöjd i färskt trä
» ahardslojdlife
» Öppet arkiv från 1920-talet
» Slöjd håller

» Wood Craft
» Alla bilder

The wood craft

The wood craft

Through all times man has used materials from his local environments to produce what is needed in daily life.

The Swedish word slöjd can be derived from the Old Norse word slug, meaning ingenious, clever or shrewd. It describes the craftsman’s cleverness when it comes to utilizing resources from local environment.

Traditional slöjd is made with straightforward methods and simple tools. The craftsman often uses green wood since it is easier to work than seasoned wood.  Part of the fascination in slöjd   comes from participating in the whole process, from harvesting the materials to using the bowl, box or spoon you made.

Skedar och slevar / Carved Spoon

Fågelskål / Ale Hen

Näverkont / Bag made of woven birch bark