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The tools / Sloyd knife

Sloyd knife

Knives and axes have always been very important tools in wood work. Craftsmen in the guilds developed special tools like planes and chisels while builders and country wood workers continued to use knife and axes.

Carving knives have short blades, 20 – 70 mm, with tang in a wooden handle and an edge ground to 22 -30 degrees.

The shape of the blade, with its curved tip and the symmetrical oval handle, has been developed and used for hundreds of years. The curved tip facilitates cutting and the handle works well for most of the different grips used when carving.

Handles with metal guards are not suited for carving work.  If you feel the need for a guard there are knives with small guards integrated with their wooden or plastic handles. It is most important to keep your knife sharp. A sharp knife is a safe knife. 

Kniv med slida